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  • Emerging City Markets: The Next Economic Miracle TOP
    Date: 03/21/2007
    Website: E-mail:
  • Shanghai Beer Brief 2007 TOP
    Date: 03/21/2007
    Website: E-mail:
  • Shanghai Region Beef Markets TOP
    Date: 08/22/2006
    Website: E-mail:
    Highlight: Although U.S. beef has been restricted from the Chinese market, it has never disappeared entirely. Demand remains strong, and U.S. beef enters through diverse channels. The market potential, once restrictions are lifted, is very good.
  • Report on Qingdao TOP
    Date: 08/16/2006
    Website: E-mail:
    Highlight: The strong and vibrant Qingdao economy continues to drive a number of food and agricultural product markets, that should result in potentially significant growth over the next decade. As local incomes expand, the mix of products is becoming more diverse, especially in the High Value Product categories. Local and central government efforts to develop Qingdao's economy, the co-hosting of the 2008 Olympics, and the ever-rising quality of life is providing excellent market opportunities for many food and agricultural products. Increased direct imports to the Port of Qingdao, an improved distribution system, rapidly expanding middle-class, and increasing demand for high quality foods will all continue to make Qingdao a market U.S. food and agricultural product exporters cannot ignore.
  • Trade Data of January to April TOP
    Date: 06/27/2006
    Website: E-mail:
    Highlight: This report presents China Customs agricultural, fishery, and forestry commodity trade data recorded from January to April 2006. Year to date agricultural, fishery, and forestry imports were $13.6 billion of which, $3.4 billion originated from the United States. Leading imports from the world were cotton, soybeans, untreated wood, natural rubber, and palm oil. China��s agricultural, fishery, and forestry exports were $11.6 billion, primarily processed aquatic products, corn and woodenware. The top twenty-five import and export commodity categories for China have remained relatively consistent with previous month.
  • South China Organic Food Market Brief Report TOP
    Date: 06/12/2006
    Website: E-mail:
    Highlight: In over two decades of stellar economic development, China has bolstered not only an ever-increasing middle class, but also an increased awareness of a seriously contaminated environment. Many local entrepreneurs have successfully grown and distributed "green" produce in South China while sales of organic food are quickly gaining ground in many mid- to high-end supermarket chains. However, worrying about whether the Chinese organic food would live up to what the label claims to be, many Chinese consumers hesitate to buy products that are generally three to five times more expensive than regular items. So far, there are very limited organic food categories in the South China market, which also indicates opportunities for US organic exporters.
  • South China Pet Food Market Brief TOP
    Date: 06/09/2006
    Website: E-mail:
    Highlight: Who Let the Dogs Out? With canine ownership in Guangdong Province on the rise, there are increased opportunities for pet food and pet products. The import market for pet food products is steadily increasing, but not keeping pace with the rapid development of Chinese pet food exports. US pet food exporters also faced many challenges during the past couple of years due to the BSE ban on products containing beef. The following report was co-authored by staff from the Economic and Political Section of the US Consulate in Guangzhou.
  • Shanghai Market Profile TOP
    Date: 05/23/2006
    Website: E-mail:
    Highlight: Continued investment in infrastructure, along with rapid economic growth, have turned Shanghai into a regional trade and financial powerhouse. Beyond its own 20 million consumers, Shanghai serves as the gateway to cities throughout the Yangtze River region and deep into the interior.
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