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2010 Poultry Section

| Select | 2010 | Poultry and Products | Beijing | China - Peoples Republic of | 10/11/2010
FAS Beijing forecasts China��s broiler meat production in 2011 will continue modest growth, rising nearly four percent to 13 million metric tons (MMT).  Meanwhile, China��s broiler meat imports will decline 18 percent following a 22 percent decline in 2010 due to anti-dumping duties placed on U.S. chicken.  China��s broiler meat exports will continue to rise in 2011 fueled by strong demand in Japan and Hong Kong.    
Poultry and Products Annual_Beijing_China - Peoples Republic of_9-30-2010

| Select | 2010 | Poultry and Products | Beijing | China - Peoples Republic of | 4/19/2010
Growth in China��s broiler production will increase slightly in 2010, rising four percent to more than 12.5 million metric tons (MMT).  Production gains will be fueled by a stronger Chinese economy compared to 2009.  Despite China��s increased production and antidumping tariffs against U.S. broiler products, Post expects that strong demand will drive 2010 total imports (not including paws) up an estimated six percent to 425,000.  Argentinean and Brazilian exports are expected to grow due to less U...
Poultry and Products Semi-annual_Beijing_China - Peoples Republic of_4-14-2010


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