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Nov 20 2007 | China, Peoples Republic of | All China Retail Annual Report 
Highlight: China¡¯s modern food retail sector, comprising supermarkets, hypermarkets, warehouse clubs and convenience stores, has been growing by double-digit figures annually since the mid-1990¡¯s, displacing wet markets and other traditional outlets. With markets in the affluent coastal cities approaching saturation, many chains are expanding to second- and third-tier urban centers with populations of 3-10 million. While some retailers are quitting the market or going bankrupt, mergers and acquisitions are rapidly altering the national retail scene. Development in procurement systems and retail distribution networks has not kept pace however, and most retail chains still rely on independent suppliers. Outside the major urban centers, the penetration of imported products remains relatively low, although intermediate and consumer-ready products hold good potential. Growing food safety concerns in China should particularly benefit multinational retailers with their reputation for higher food safety and store sanitation standards.

CH7821 | View the Acrobat version | Download the MS Word version


Nov 16 2007 | China, Peoples Republic of | 2007 North China Retail Update 
Highlight: North China's retail food sector continued to be characterized by the highly explosive growth of the last few years as multinationals retailers aggressively pursued new opportunities in China's Emerging City Markets, and domestic retailers sought to protect market share through expansion. Rising incomes, food safety concerns, and improving standards of living all contributed to the rise in high quality food imports use by consumers. In addition, distribution and logistical improvements in Beijing and many parts of North China contributed to improved access for imported food products and opportunities for suppliers to penetrate this potentially lucrative retail market.
CH7418 | 
View the Acrobat version | Download the MS Word version


Jan 18 2005 | China, Peoples Republic of | Mainland China Food Retail Annual Report

Highlight: China's food retail sector continues to grow and develop as hypermarket and convenience store chains expand across the country. Foreign-invested hypermarkets are likely to continue growing as restrictions on their activity and ownership are scheduled to be loosened in 2005.

CH4838 | View the Acrobat version | Download the MS Word version


Aug 13 2004 | China, Peoples Republic of | North China
Highlight: China's retail food revolution has been rolling across the country for nearly a decade, replacing traditional wet markets and food stalls with modern hypermarkets, warehouse and convenience stores. At the same time, growing prosperity on the part of top-tier urban consumers has fueled both economic access and desire for high-quality imported food products. Improving distribution and logistics are making it possible for US exporters to supply this extremely competitive and rapidly expanding retail market in North China.

CH4405 | View the Acrobat version | Download the MS Word version


Nov 17 2003 | China, Peoples Republic of | Retail Food Sector Report

Highlight: China's food retail sector continues to grow and develop as hypermarkets and convenience stores open across the country. Hypermarkets are now present in all major and most second-tier cities. The pace of development, however, varies widely from city to city.

CH3825 | View the Acrobat version | Download the MS Word version


Nov 10 2003 | China, Peoples Republic of | Retail Food Sector Report - South China
Highlight: China's food retail sector continues to grow at a rapid pace and South China provides many export opportunities. Chinese consumers are interested in purchasing healthier foods than in the past and well-known American brands have good potential. However, many challenges remain in penetrating the market.

CH3615 | View the Acrobat version | Download the MS Word version


Apr 18 2003 | China, Peoples Republic of | Shanghai Retail Sector Update
Highlight: The retail food sector in Shanghai continues to change at a breakneck pace. This report outlines recent changes, including the recently announced merger of China's two largest food retail companies.

CH3811 | View the Acrobat version | Download the WordPerfect version


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