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Know More About Chinese Business Culture

"Guanxi" or relationships are very important when doing business in China.  The following reports will help you better understand the culture in China and how to interact with Chinese business folks... 

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Jan 19 2005 | China, Peoples Republic of | Business Travel in China
Highlight: China, as the world's most populous country, has quickly become an important market for many U.S. businesses. USDA/FAS offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou warmly welcome U.S. business travelers to China. This introduction to travel in China serves to give you the confidence to explore China as a market for U.S. products.

CH4836 | View the Acrobat version | Download the MS Word version


Dec 23 2004 | China, Peoples Republic of | Shanghai Business Etiquette

Highlight: As the world's most populous country, China is fast emerging as a strategically important market for many U.S. businesses. Understanding and practicing Chinese etiquette is one of the keys to a successful business experience in China. Generational change and increasing exposure to global media are transforming the veneer of Chinese culture. Beneath the surface, however change is more gradual. ATO/Shanghai has identified a few basic observations and suggestions for visiting American business people.
CH4835 | View the Acrobat version | Download the MS Word version


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